If you are like me, you find yourself wondering how the intramural office determines each team’s ranking. The intramural office has agreed to send us weekly rankings for the five main intramural sports that are currently in season. We are going to be posting the rankings as we receive them from the intramural office.

Intramural teams are not ranked based on their records, as sports teams traditionally are. The intramural supervisors and game referees are given five criteria per sport on which to rank teams (these will be listed at the bottom of this page). They are to rank each team on the criteria, not in relation to the skill level of the opponent or the outcome of the game. They rank teams on a scale of one to five, five being the highest. So each team will receive between two and five rankings per game, depending on the number of intramural officials (i.e. supervisors and referees) at the game. These rankings are then averaged into the team’s overall power rankings, which are simply a running average of all of the rankings given during the season. At the end of league play, each team’s power rankings will be averaged to determine the division in which the team will compete during the tournament. When the final rankings are posted, team captains are allowed to challenge their respective team’s ranking if they feel they should be in a different division for tournament play.

With that explanation in mind, there is absolutely no way that every official is going to get to see every team play and each team only plays a small fraction of the other teams competing in the league. So you’re next question is how can we even come close to having an accurate ranking system? Before I answer that question I just want to say that sports would be no fun if we had a perfect ranking system because we would know the outcome to every game before it was played. We know that the ranking system is imperfect but by ranking teams objectively and averaging out the rankings from several officials at each game, this system is about as close as it can get for a league as large as the intramural leagues we play in. We appreciate the intramural office providing us with the rankings and allowing us to post them for everyone to see. Feel free to comment and let us know how you think the current ranking system can be improved.


  • Passing/Shooting
  • Dribbling
  • Speed
  • Positioning
  • Goalie


  • Team has plays and can run them successfully
  • Passing
    • Distance
    • Accuracy
  • Catching
    • Talented receivers
  • Defense
    • Successful flag pulls
    • Ability to read plays
  • Speed\Athleticism


  • Throwing
    • Distance
    • Strength
  • Passing
    • Accuracy
    • Efficiency
  • Defense
  • Positioning
    • Do they use the entire field?
  • Physical Ability
    • Height
    • Speed
    • Endurance


  • Outside shooting
  • Post play
  • Passing
    • Play well as a team
  • Defense
  • Athleticism

Click here to see the weekly rankings here!



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  2. Hey I was just wondering if you could post the criteria for how a mens basketball team is ranked.

  3. Thank you for the comment. Yes, we’ll get the criteria for the rankings of each sport this semester up soon for everyone.

  4. Who is the best intramural basketball team? I know the rankings are out but those can be different. Who would you say are the top teams?

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